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Change whether it is personal or professional can be one of the hardest things in one’s life. Stability is the natural order and change is the disruption. These two concepts are the exact opposite yet they are interrelated (Schein, 2002). There have been hundreds of books written about creating successful changes in organizations. There are numerous theories and many frameworks that have been developed to assist with the implementation of change. However, there are a few fundamental concepts when change is on the brink of emergence in an organization. This paper will discuss an example of change in a large organization and conflict that arose from the change.

In any organization, there are stakeholders or people who contribute to the successes of the organization. When implementing a change all the stakeholders need to be on the same page. In a hospital, the stakeholders are administration, management, and staff. To be in a cooperative environment there needs to be healthy, stable relationships among all stakeholders in the organization.

The stakeholders should share the same values, beliefs, and they should all have positive perceptions of the company mission and goals (Keith, 2008). When a change is in the planning phase, all of the stakeholders should see this as a change for better outcomes and not for vanity purpose (Whitaker, 2008).

An example of an organizational change the author experienced was the change from paper documentation to computerized documentation. This change occurred two years ago in the author’s organization. There were several issues with this change for the healthcare system. Administration and the corporate leaders had decided to move the organization forward by implementing computerized charting. The staff had no involvement in the decision-making process of which vendor would be used for the new product. This in itself caused animosity among staff and...