Conflict Negotiation Scenario

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Conflict is an inevitable part of any work environment. Healthcare workers are particularly vulnerable to conflict due to the nature and context of work which can be stressful and difficult. The following paper describes a work-related conflict on the medical-surgical unit at the hospital I work for. Each of the stakeholders involved and his or her perspective of the problem is identified. A discussion of behaviors and personal responses to the conflict is illustrated. The impact of the conflict on the work group is also included. Although it may seem to outsiders that the staff works together in harmony, a work-related conflict occurs between the staff of this unit and one particular registered nurse (RN). The main source of conflict is the negativity and poor attitude of this RN. Members of the team have brought the situation to the unit manager's attention. The conflict management has been handled through inaction and avoidance on the manager's part as the following paper illustrates.

The ConflictThe medical-surgical team is composed of registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and nursing assistants whose primary role is to provide care and comfort as they carry out specific patient-care functions. The conflict encountered on the medical-surgical unit involves an RN that has been employed by the organization for eight years whom comes into work with a poor attitude, constant complaining and negativism. This RN's behavior is creating an obstacle to peak performance on the unit due to her excuses, a feeling of entitlement, and low morale. She is never happy about her assignment and always has something negative to say about everything. She will make excuses about not getting her work done and refuses to take admissions. This RN's unprofessional behaviors and under commitment to the organization is resulting in increased stress, anxiety...