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As a direct result of the attacks on the U.S. this past week, our government has declared war on those individuals that are responsible for the thousands of lives that have been lost, and the destruction of landmark buildings that stood as symbols of commerce and our nations defense. Society may be studied from the conflict perspective on a deeper level than the obvious conflict of an attack and the violence of war that may soon occur.

Our world today is based on the availability of information. We rely on the media to let us know what is going on in our country and the world around us. We have television, radio, newspapers, telephones, the internet, etc. to keep us abreast of current events. But with all this information available to us we were not able to foresee the terrorist attack, so that we could protect ourselves.

Our society looks to the media for the information that is needed so that we may be better prepared for the onset of war, however the media is responsible for creating some panic amongst the U.S.

citizens. It was reported that all distribution of gasoline was going to be abruptly halted, causing many people to form long lines at gas stations, fearing that they would be in danger of not being able to afford transportation. It is essential that gas is available to us, without it we would not be able to commute to work in order to support our families. It was later reported that this information was false.

Our nation is one that prides itself on its diverse people. This is a free country and all are welcome here. But history has shown us that not all individuals living in this country share that perspective. Hate crimes go on all over...