Conflict Resolution

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Conflict Resolution


LDR 531 Organizational Leadership

December 13, 2013



According with the career developed, will found it new responsibilities as a leader. And need it to works with much different type of jobs, such as managing conflicts, addressing effective communications and managing conflicts. Meanwhile, working styles and different type of people behavior are important and interesting knows the manner to work with diversity.

Keywords: Conflict, managing, styles, behavior

Conflict Resolution

This paper is based in 3 Storybooks: Communication Challenges A "Get Your Team to Talk to Each Other" Adventure, Breaking the New: A "Tell Your Team about Downsizing" Adventure and Conflict Management: A "Get Your Team to Talk to Each Other" Adventure. Each one of three stories has a different conflict and need to find a solution. To manage each situation or conflict needs to use the tools and knowledge learned across the first three weeks of study.


When talking about conflict, should know what the meaning of that is. Conflict is a state of disharmony between incompatible or antithetical persons, ideas, or ideas; a clash ("The Free Dictionary ", 2013). Once knowing the meaning of conflict, we understand the importance of a good management. For this, is very important have the tools to works with different behavior and personalities in case of a conflict in workspace.


Resolution is the noun form of the verb resolve, which comes from Latin resolvere, "to loosen, undo, and settle." We can still see this meaning in resolution, in the sense of "an explanation" or "a solution"; when a problem, conflict or mystery reaches its resolution, it has been "undone," so to speak. Another common meaning is "determination, resolve": "Jose approached the task with resolution." A related sense is "a decision...