Conflict Resolution

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The purpose of negotiating is to come to an agreement between two sides that either believe in mutual decision making or have difficulty in creating a resolution upon each other. We stumble on conflicts every day, not always can a resolution be reached on how one person wants it, therefore negotiation comes into play and helps create a resolution that will satisfy both sides. Having good negotiating skills helps us go through our day at home, school, and our jobs because not everything runs the way we want it too, so we have to settle for something that both sides may agree to.

The purpose of peer mediation is to help a set of individuals achieve a resolution on a conflict that they themselves have trouble in resolving. The peer itself does not make the decision, he or she helps the individuals affected by the conflict realize what bothers them and what they enjoy and leads them to a solution the individuals themselves create.

The peer is simply there to make the final decision simpler and make the resolution not as difficult as it may be by elaborating on the conflict more. They don't pick the individual that may be correct in their mind as taking sides is not appropriate for them to do that, there goal is to create a resolution where both sides will be satisfied with the final outcome.

A dispute between a police officer and a suspect that may be a danger to him or others requires negotiation. This dispute is a good example of negotiation because the police officer and the suspect negotiate on a resolution that will satisfy both sides. The two sides will come out as both winners in which negotiation was the only resolution available. This conflict requires very good negotiating skills,