Conflict Resolution Strategies

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Within a working group we talk quite frequently about the relevance of preventing conflicts and of the necessity of behaving in a certain way or follow certain standards in order to avoid manifestations of crisis that could put the productivity of the group at jeopardyBut what if you couldn't prevent a conflict, it would be necessary to use certain strategies that could help resolve conflicts by the most effective way as possible.

The purpose of the following is to provide information and guidelines to group members on the dynamics of resolving conflicts within a group setting.(Introduction should be a paragraph)To have a better understanding of this topic we should defined the term conflict:From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (This needs to be cited)Conflict is a state of discord caused by the actual or perceived opposition of needs, values and interests.

It is normal within any group of work to have disagreements or conflicts; every individual has a different way of thinking and reacting that are guided by many factors such as culture, age, education, and past experiences.

Keeping in mind that conflicts are unavoidable, will help a team to reach out for strategies that in the future may come useful in overcoming conflicts that might arise along the way.

Every body sees conflicts in a negative way that will cause frustration and could debilitate the performance of the team. To ensure the efficiency of the team it will be useful to develop a team charter. This team charter works like a conflict management working guide. This tool has to be accomplished in a conscience way. It will provide the team with agreements on how to resolve conflicts and aid to reduce the negativity associated with the conflict itself.

The team is going to set up ground rules, describe skills, allowing team...