Conflict Resolution in the Workplace

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The process of identifying and resolving conflict is researched and documented. The topics researched were what conflict is, its causes, how it is managed, and how it impacts the workplace. Not all conflict is negative. Conflict can be positive if resolved properly. The ideas or suggestions derived from conflict resolution can lead to creating new and productive processes.

Conflict Resolution in the Workplace

What is conflict? According to the New Riverside University Dictionary, Webster defines conflict as "a state of disagreement and disharmony". He also describes conflict (in keeping with the theme of conflict in the workplace) as clash, contention, difficulty, discord, dissension, friction, and strife.

Workers may be incompatible due to their different interests, goals, values, ideas, and physical appearance. Many different things can cause conflicts to occur in the workplace. A few of the most common are: misunderstood communication, disrespect for authority, mistrust of coworkers and management, friction, observance and knowledge of fraud, and perceived unfair practices of promotion and preferential treatment.

A good manager or team leader should be trained in the recognition of conflict. Recognizing and acknowledging the signs of conflict would assist management and workers in their decision to find solutions to resolve the conflict before it gets too advanced.

Disrespect for authority: Disrespect is brought about by many different factors. Leadership may not have been as upright and fair with the workers as they should have been. Workers perceive that untrained managers do not have enough expertise to guide or instruct their subordinates. Workers may consult with each other, take matters into his or her own hands, and make their own decisions on the workflow because he or she have no confidence in the decisions made by the person in authority. This perception by the workers is sometimes caused by knowledge of past...