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Conflict Resolution StrategiesIn order to discuss the topic concerning team conflicts it is important to know the definition of the word "team." According to The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language Fourth Edition, the definition of a team is, "a group organized to work together." (Bantam Dell, 2000, p840) A group is made of two or more people that are joined together for the sole purpose of completing a goal. In a group or team, each member brings a unique ability that will prove to be of value to the team. These unique abilities come from the fact that its members come from different backgrounds, they believe in doing things differently, or they have worked together before and have learned to overcome their differences. It is popular belief that these differences are the reasons that team conflict may develop, and that team conflicts stem from differences in expectations on how a goal is to be completed.

It is only natural that we face conflicts on a daily basis in our personal life, our professional life, or at school. No matter where in our life we are facing these conflicts, conflicts could have very harmful effects. Examples of harmful effects are; disintegration of the team, team members being resentful towards one another, and team members being made to feel inferior. The first step to avoid team conflicts is to realize where the conflict is occurring and not allowing that conflict to flow over into other aspects of your life. For example, if you are having problems with your family unit, make your best effort not to take out your frustrations on your co-workers. Other people who are not involved in your team conflict could end up getting offended and you end up having a conflict at work as well as...