Conflict Strategies Resolution

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Conflict resolution is the process of attempting to resolve a dispute or a conflict. Although wouldn't it be nice if all team members could get along when working together on assignments? That would be perfect in an ideal world, but in reality the question is: Do we know how to deal with conflicts when working on teams? Conflicts can have positive and negative outcomes. It all depends on how you handle the conflict by gathering the correct information without making accusations and focus on what the issues are not who did what ( 2002). There are differences among team members that rise to conflicts like backgrounds, personalities, moral, and ethical beliefs. However, we should concentrate on setting, constructing, and conquering team goals. There are different strategies we can use to handle conflict better. The different strategies are competition, compromising, avoidance, yielding, and problem-solving. Because conflicts are unavoidable it's helpful to consider the role of conflict in and among groups (Borgetta and Montgomery 2000).

There are 5 different ways you can react to a conflict. The first thing that needs to get done is conflict awareness. Therefore, efficient steps need to be taken to manage confrontations and guarantee that only positive results are obtained as a result of them (Musaji 2002). Competition is a strategy that shouldn't be used when working in teams since everyone is suppose to have different roles and are trying to achieve the same goal. It is a win-lose situation where there is not a lot of cooperation from your part but your team members may end up getting hurt. Most people think of compromising as conflict resolution (Conflict Resolution 2003). Compromising is another type of strategy where both members of the team are giving something up from their needs or goals to satisfy the conflict.