Conflict: The Watchmen

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Conflict: The Watchmen In the Book The Watchmen tells a tale of a world on the brink of a nuclear war engineered by one man Adrian Veidt, whom comes in to conflict with his former team of masked heroes who would and do plan to stop him. Veidt in spite the consequences will stop at nothing to achieve his goal of world peace. This includes the killing of half of New York city. And proving that no matter how much you manipulate something the outcome will eventually be the same.

Adrian Veidt is the smartest man in the world. He realized three years before killing half of New York city that the world would never reach world peace at the direction it was going with all the advances in technology and politics. He needed to strategically take all of his former teammates away from the equation. He did this because they were the only potential threat to his plan of eventual world peace.

First Veidt Taking out the Comedian; the first person to realize his goal and also the person most likely to stop him from destroying his way of life. The Comedian had this sense of truth to him because he didn't care for the conventional "all American" image. He understood that the world was a cold and cruel place. Those that understood that were the ones that would survive. The very thought of world peace destroyed his entire way of life. It was only natural that Viedt murder him first because the Comedian had the most to loose.

Second was the perfect man Jon, whom was made of pure existence. Jon was also the United States only blockade against outside countries willing to over throw them with nuclear weapons. So basically Jon represented the only block between a war, take him out and tension will arise.

Next he framed the only active member of his former team still at large, Rorschach for murder and thus taking out the person most likely to put pieces together and discover something wrong, and of coarse Rorschach did put them together. Before being framed for murder and disobeying the Kleen act (an act that outlawed vitualantism among normal citizens).

What Veidt did not take in to account was two former teammates involvement, Nite-owl and Ms Jupiter. Rorschach warned them all of suspicion and as time when on the two remaining members untouched by Veidt's plan, broke Rorschach out of jail and discovered the plan of Veidt's to engineer a war.

As all four Heroes rush to Veidt's base of operations they learn that he has already killed Half the city claiming the cause to be of an alien attack. This in turn stopped the war from happening and unified the nations of the world against a threat much greater than any of them. The world's last true hope for world peace yet if any of Veidt's former teammates were to expose him the reaction would be immediate war and world destruction.

The only team member not willing to bite his tongue is Rorschach, who before attempting to stop Veldt, sent a complete journal of his plan the city's newspaper. Rorschach was killed because of his potential to leak Veidt's innocence and destroy the world but the journal was mistakenly printed days later.

In the end the fate was the same despite the manipulation of Veldt and the silent voices of his former teammates. If anything Veldt accelerated the destruction of the world.