Conflicts Between Arab and Israeli - What are the roots of the conflict?, What were the events since 1948, What were the recent events and the current situation?

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Conflicts Between Arab and Israeli

The Roots of the Conflict

Today, both Jews and Arabs live in Palestine, each calling it theirs. Both sides have religious claims for the land: whilst Solomon's Temple was is Jerusalem, along with the place that Abraham nearly sacrificed his son, Isaac, making it the holiest Jewish site, the Dome of the Rock contains the rock from which Mohammed left for heaven -making it the third most holy Muslim site.

Additionally, many people from both sides have lived in the land for many years. The Jews lived there nationally from before 1200BC and Solomon's Temple until 70AD with the first Diaspora. Arabs lived in the land from 642AD, when they conquered it, and have been there ever since, though recently in lesser numbers. 400 years of the Arab 1400 were spent under Ottoman rule.

This gives each side a strong historical and religious claim to the land - both sides have holy sites within the land, and both parties have had many people inhabiting it for around 13-1400 years, and this has made both sides unwilling to compromise on the issue.

Events since 1948

In 1948, the United Nations gave each side, Arabs and Jews, roughly 50% of Palestine. The Jews worked hard as a nation to expand their state's territory within the region of Palestine. Immediately, Israel was attacked by several Arab states, including Syria, Transjordan and Egypt. Israel managed to win this war using highly mobile armies, and as a result many Palestinian Arabs were driven out of the land of Palestine. Israel now owned around 75% of the land of Palestine, having taken half of the land that the UN had given to the Palestinian Arabs.

In 1967, Israel struck out at Syria, Egypt and Jordan, who were mobilising against Israel.