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A person wants to follow the rules, because he does not like to be an odd person. Like my experience, when I was a junior high school student. I do not like to get my hair cut. However, I needed to obey the discipline in case of being grouped into a bad student and being labeled as a bad student. Therefore, I got the teacher to be impressed and they choose me to be a role model of the class. Consequently, my character became more conformable. There are three causes why made people rely on the rules as follows: people focus on their friendship; people want to be their prefabricated image; to get the group agreements is the most important thing for human being.

Genres of being conformity, perhaps people value their friendship. For example, we saw from the movie "Thirteen" that the main actress who was just thirteen was going to junior high school and tried to get attention from the classmates.

Therefore, she tried to change her clothes, behavior, and impressed her friend. Many people go after the fashion. For instance, to dress the latest shoes or to purchase the vogue purses are to get their friend noticed. Consequently, we all want to be one of group.

People want to be the age that we thought the idea society status. For example, about the age of 20, the majority of young people try to be cool and have individual style. To get higher society anticipation is that people hope. Moreover, around the age of 30, we want to have high level and own our business. I believe that many people have the same experience such as we work all day and wear like a mature adult and speak like a gentleman or a lady. As a result, we...