A Confrontation: The Decision to Keep My Children Safe

Essay by sdherin August 2009

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A challenging experience that I encountered in my personal life has to do with a decision I had to make about confronting my mother. It was coming up on my husband’s and my 10th anniversary. My step-mother had paid for a wonderful weekend getaway at a bed and breakfast in Kansas City, Kansas. My husband and I were scheduled to be out of town for 4 days total. We have three children together and figuring out what we were going to do to provide care for them during this time was, what we thought, an easy decision. My mother and step-father had agreed to take them for the time we were going to be out of town. This plan would have been perfect, if it had not been for one particular issue that we had to deal with.

I was very happy that my mother and step-father had offered to take our three children during this time, until a situation arose.

I found out that my mother was spending more time with a cousin of mine at that point. Normally this would not have been an issue, but this cousin was one who was a little older than me and had sexually molested me when I was a young girl. Now, my husband and I have two beautiful daughters. At the time this vacation was to take place, the oldest was 9 and the youngest was 6. We also have a son, who at that time was 2 years old. When my mother began speaking of my cousin, all these horrible memories I had suppressed resurfaced. The only thing I was concerned about then was keeping my kids safe. I knew I had to confront my mother about this issue before time ran out. I also knew how the...