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One of the greatest influences on Chinese society had to have come from a man named Master Kong, or also known as Confucius. Confucius set up a system of social and ethical philosophy known as Confucianism. This system of belief taught moral character to everyday life. There are many aspects of Confucianism including beliefs and practices that are still used today.

Confucius believed that only a civilized society could have a stable, unified, and enduring social order. Therefore, Confucius set up some basic beliefs that would "civilize" the Chinese society. One of the beliefs he sat up was Hsiao. This belief was set up to stress the love within the family. Jen, the highest Confucian virtue, states the humanness toward others. Confucian teachings emphasized benevolence, avoidance of violence, justice, rationalism, loyalty, and dignity.

The practices of Confucianism are probably the most interesting part about the belief system. For example, when a woman is going to give birth, a special procedure is followed.

By putting the mother on a special diet and giving her a month to rest after having a child, the mother is well taken care of. This is just one of the many practices that Confucians believe in. Most of the practices deal with moral obligations to others, which in turn fulfills Confucius' original idea for his belief system.

Confucianism was a moral system set up by Confucius during a time of moral corruption. The beliefs and practices that were set up define moral values. These practices and beliefs govern the way of life that is thought to bring about positive social and moral ethics. This belief system is still intact and continues to influence the way Confucians live today.