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K'ung Fu Tzu was the founder of Confucianism. But he is known as Confucius or master Kung. He was born in 551 B.C. in the towns of Lu in China. He lived during the Chou dynasty. He wandered through many states of China, and giving advice to their rulers. There are approximately 6 million followers and Confucian in the world today. About 26,000 live in the North America and South America, almost all of the remainder can be found throughout China and the rest of Asia. His precepts and principles were incorporated into the Chinese law in 502 B.C. He wanted to be a politician or a leader so he started Confucianism. But he got his honors after he die.

The beliefs of Confucianism are 6 rules to happiness. One is LI - includes they ritual,

Propriety and etiquette. The second one is HSIAO - the love within the family, love of parents for their children and of children for their parents.

The third one is YI -

righteousness. The forth one is XIN - honesty and trustworthiness. The fifth one is JEN -

benevolence and humaneness towards others to the highest Confucian virtue. The lasted

one is CHUNG loyalty to the state and your town.

Since the time of the Han dynasty, the four-life passage have been recognized

and regulated by Confucian tradition. The first one is birth - the T'ai-shen or the spirit of

the fetus protects the expectant woman and deals harshly with anyone who harass the

Mother to be. A special procedure is followed when the placenta is disposed of. The

mother is given a special diet and is allowed rest for one-month after delivery. The

second is reaching maturity. This life passage is no longer being celebrated,

except in traditional families. It...