Confuciniasm in The US today

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If our government was run for the people, and not for the enrichment

of its rulers, the US would be a more tightly unified nation. Confucius

stressed that a government be run for the well-being of the people, and if that

was applied today, results would be outstanding. Confucius also said to put

aside military conquests and to work for the good of the country. Applied

today, that would really help our USA.

Confucius taught that government should be run for the well-being of

the people. For that to happen, more power has to be given to state

governments, in order to really suit the needs of the countries people. The

government could narrow down on the struggles of each part of the country. I

think they would find a good number of the struggles to be similar.

Therefore, stated would work together in order to solve universal problems.

For example, you could eliminate a problem in Olympia, Washington and

Miami, Florida at the same time.

Because of their similar problems.

Another teaching of Confucius is to put aside military conquests and

focus on the good of the country. The US definitely needs to do this. Every

day on television we see poor, famined children persuading us to support

their struggle. Them commercials should be outlawed. The commercials

should be on the poor famined kids in the United States. We have our own

poverty problem in our country. We should take care of that before we solve

another countries problem. The U.S. has also money and military force in the

middle east. Sure we get some valuable products from them, but we should

solve our own problems before we decide to dive into the rebuilding of some

foreign nation.

These two teachings of Confucious if applied today, would result in...