Congratulations Tito, you are worse than Hitler.

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When one thinks about the Second World War, one tends to think about Hitler and Japan, but at this time something unpleasant to many was beginning to lurk a little south of Germany in Yugoslavia. Josip Broz Tito was that something unpleasant in Yugoslavia and he was worse than people said he was. His goal thought by many was to follow in the footsteps of Joseph Stalin, the leader of the USSR. He then broke is his communications with Stalin and that is when Tito truly began being the unpleasant man thought of by all. Tito and his communist party were becoming more like evil figures in the European society. Tito’s communist party ruined the traditional way of life for the Croatians during and after the Second World War. He did this by turning friends against neighbours, by building the camp Goli Otok and by simply closing the Yugoslavian borders.

Tito now created a communist dictatorship government where basic rights were not available to the Croatians.

Tito convinced many to believe in his communist government and in him as a leader. Although many Croatians remained patriotic to their heritage, many Serbians followed in the same. Those Serbians believed in Tito and joined the communist party. There Tito used propaganda to create the secret police or UDBA. The UDBA consisted of ordinary people who if they over heard you talking negatively about the government you were reported and sent to jail. This was used against Croatians because of their ethnic hatred towards the Serbians. Many Croatians were sent to jail because they were labelled as ‘anti-state elements’, or were forced to join the communist party. If a Croatian did not join the party, their friends would turn their backs on them, forget about them, and become a true communist. “My friend...