Connecting Music: Frankenstein Essay that connects three songs in theme and other elements to Mary Shelley's Frankenstein.

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It's Over, by Son of Adam, is a song that describes both the feelings and the situation of a loved one leaving. While other songs are hidden behind layers and layers of hidden meanings, It's Over is rather straightforward. The basic story that occurs in the song is that the singer is describing his feelings towards a woman that he had a relationship with in the past. What the singer constantly refers to is how the relationship is now over. In fact, the band describes the song as their only breakup song, thus giving more evidence to the idea that the song is actually written about a breakup and thus describes that situation.

What happens in the song is that the singer finally learns that the person that he cares about, the person that has capture his heart, has finally decided to call it quits. At the beginning of the song, he wonders when it was decided that they would no longer be able to be together.

At the latter part of the song, the singer goes into the past and how at one time (specifically two years ago) he felt the same way, thus he went through another breakup and how after that breakup the person who he is going through the same with right now told him that he was the "boy of your dreams". Afterwards, the speaker asks if he can have his heart back and how he's going far away in order to find love, yet he still reiterates how they would still be good together.

Beautiful Game, by Huddle, is a song that on a literal level takes about different aspects of playing certain games (namely Chess and Monopoly) while at a metaphoric level talks about how life is a game.

In the first stanza...