Connecting Sociological Theory and Social Issues (Healthcare)

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Connecting Sociological Theory and Social Issues (Healthcare)

Sociology is a science that studies the society's structure at large. Such phenomena are studied in a scientific way meaning that it is done in a systematic and factual way. The aim of this is to ensure that an individual can get a better and in depth understanding of some facets of their lives. The big issue here is that human beings are recognized as social animals. Social science focuses on this fact and ignores natural science such as chemistry or physics. Health is one of these social aspects that can be studied. This monologue will try and expound on application of three sociological theory perspectives on the topic of health.

There is no specific best way of looking at the vast aspects studied by sociologists and thus the need for theoretical perspectives. Theory can be described as a trial in explaining facts.

It may not always be true but some parts of it make up reality. Sociology utilizes three main theories; the functionalist theory, interactions perspectives and conflict. Sociological interests may be vast but these theories help sociologists draw their conclusions.

Functionalist Theory

This perspective focuses on the society as having different parts of which make a whole. It emphasizes the way in which the parts of a society are structured to maintain its stability (Schaefer, 2010, 14). Each primary part is meant to fulfill specific needs of a society. This functioning has particular consequences to the fulfillment of any

society. As such, this perspective emphasizes that, for a society to exist harmoniously, all the parts must be fully functioning and in consensus.

Health is a predominantly structural part of any society. It is definitely a functional part of the society and ensures the smooth running of the society. Without health, one...