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The decisions that anyone may undergo should always be thought out before attempting. We ever know what type of casualties may occur from a choice that takes effect in an instance. Decisions that we make have consequences good or bad is the theme that I have chosen to explore. I am giving evidence of this theme in short stories "On the Sidewalk Bleeding" (written by Evan Hunter) and "Stand on a Cloud" (written by Phil Kawana), also the film "Shark Tale" (directed by Vicky Jenson) and the song lyric's "Bad Decision" (by Trey Songz).

The theme "decisions that we make have consequences good or bad" is presented in the text "On the Sidewalk Bleeding" written by Evan Hunter. At the beginning of the short story the character is described as being 16 years old and as being a member of a gang "THE ROYALS" "The Royals had chosen him" this quotation shows how Andy had made the decision joining a gang.

The consequence to this decision is when Andy is stabbed by a rival gang member from the "Guardians" as Andy is stabbed the rival gang member shouts " that's for you Royal" this shows how Andy as an individual is not targeted but his gang "THE ROYALS" is stereotypically targeted. Andy's decision to join the gang has caused Andy to be attacked and the consequence of that is having his life short from him "I haven't live life yet", Andy's life that he wanted was to spend with his girlfriend Laura which he can't now as a consquence. This is similar to the text "Stand on a Cloud" because in both there is a decision both characters make, that causes an outcome of violence and conflict, when...