Connective Essay - Connecting 'Looking For Alibrandi' by Melina Marchetta and 'Muriel's Wedding'

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Each person from their birth to their death goes on a journey both physically and mentally. When you first start out, mentally, you believe you are the centre of the universe and everything revolves around you. The next step is where you start to understand that you need to co-operate between groups and you can't believe that you are everything anymore. The third step is where you aren't connected to anyone and you just drift, trying to find yourself. The final step of the journey is when you find yourself and your needs coincide with everyone else's. You can find yourself developing slowly, but you never stop. Josephine Alibrandi and Muriel Heslop have stopped. They are both stuck in the second step and do not want to leave, but a moment will change their thinking and they will move on.

Josephine Alibrandi is a seventeen year old girl, still acting like she is thirteen.

She is very impugning and never taking responsibility. She is constantly aware and scared of what people at her school are saying behind her back, because she is poorer and not as well off as other students in her school. Her Italian heritage influences her life greatly. Her family constantly pressure her into things she doesn't believe in. Basically, she thinks the whole world is against her, so in order to fix this she need to be the one the world centralises on. During year six I was going through this phase where I had to be central and control everything. Later on I feel that it was very pathetic.

Muriel Heslop is very much the same. Muriel is a twenty-two year old young lady who is still stuck at the second stage. Muriel has a very poor fashion sense because she is too stubborn to...