Connotations, themes, attitudes, and other meanings of "Boy at the Window" by Richard Wilbur

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"Boy at the Window"

Richard Wilbur

Title: Boy - young, playful, innocent

At the window - bored, daydreaming, attracted to something


Stanza 1 - The boy weeps because a snowman stands alone outside and is about to suffer through a harsh night.

Stanza 2 - The snowman does not want to go inside and melt, but he feels thankful for the boy's worry of him.


Snowman - cold and hardened person-literally and emotionally

All alone - he is independent, yet lonely

More than he can bear - the man is suffering outside

Night of gnashings and enormous moan - sufferings for the man outside to face

Fearful sight - afraid of the stranger

Pale-faced figure - sickly

Bitumen - coal

God-forsaken stare - the man is sad and in pain

Outcast Adam gave to paradise - regretful he did not realize fortunes once possessed

Man of snow - the hardened and cold man

Content - takes responsibility for his own action, so he has nothing to complain about

No wish to go inside - man wants to stand up for his choices, and not take donations

Die - death of his self-esteem and morals

Moved to see the youngster cry - thankful for the uncalled for mercy and compassion

Frozen water - though once warm and flowing, now hard and frozen

Element - the man's character and soul

Melts - heart softens

One soft eye - a rare warm, gentle area found with the man

Trickle - very little amount

Purest rain, a tear - though frozen, his soul still has the base-kindness

Bright pane - the separation between the two, why the man and boy are unlike

Such warmth, such light, such love, and so much fear - Though the innocent boy feels sorry for the man,