The Cons of Welfare

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Welfare has always been a highly publicized way of giving money to those who need it. It is very highly regarded by those in the government and media, citing it as a way out of a proverbial hole. Though what are the thoughts of those on welfare? If they were to make a report on their experiences, would they say the same the media does? Sure, some of them might, but most would probably name many flaws in the system, some of which I will be going over. Flaws such as the inconvenient cut-offs people on welfare could experience, the effects of welfare abuse, and the slow attempt to keep people on welfare above the poverty line. Welfare is a solution for people who need help, though it could also become a major problem if it heads in the direction it has of late. I believe that welfare- although once a successful system- is currently flawed and should be replaced by Guaranteed Annual Income to ensure that nobody falls below the poverty line.

Though welfare had started as a noble cause, money has obviously not been coming into the families that need it the most. There are many single parents in North America that generate their income from part-time jobs, and a small plus on the side from welfare. In fact, according to "Replace Welfare with Guaranteed Annual Income" by Nuala Jones, fifteen percent of the 220 000 people on welfare in Ontario are working low paying part-time jobs and generating income (Jones, 4-5). Though just the money from the part-time job cannot be significant enough to provide housing and food for themselves, let alone a whole family. Though once they start generating income, their welfare is immediately terminated, leaving them in a tough situation of deciding whether to...