"conscience" can u define?????

Essay by Clever_Baby April 2005

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"Conscience" What a wonderful word. A word which is easy to pronounce,hard to know and follow. But is it enough powerful to live with? Can it be more powerful than money, pwer, or fame? What a question!

One time,I listened to some of my friends talking about that subject. One of them was convenced with the power of conscience. He asked us to look and see any of the prophets; how they refused money, power, and fame only for their messages, only for Allah(The God)

Once he said that I remembered a well-known story of a man called "Al-Samery".That man came and got al the golden coins of some people of a cetain villageand smelt them,then he made a statue of an oxe from the melted gold and told the people that it is their real god. Some of them agreed with him and believed it. He made all that for what?? Only fame and influence.

I stopped and thought of what the definition of "conscience"for many people, Some of them think of it as the poverty, anonymousity, and praying for God. No, all these points of view are completely wrong. We can say that conscience is that way to make money, power, and fame in through the right way and the slowly one.

At last we can see that the people who went after money, power, and famewithout conscience had a black end. I am realy convenced that conscience is the most powerful motivator more than power, more than money, and more than fame.