Conservative Party Policy in Britain

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Yesterday afternoon--Tuesday, May 16, 1967--was the day of the funeral of Dana Harris Porter, a distinguished Canadian and a Past President of this Club.

Since 1958 Dana Porter had been Chief Justice of Ontario. Before that his posts in the provincial government included those of Education Minister, Attorney General, and Provincial Treasurer. A Conservative by party and by instinct he was, during his lifetime, responsible for many progressive changes--the easing of the censorship laws, the removal of the six per cent ceiling on bank rates, the legalization of Sunday sports, the expansion of the probationary system, and many aspects of educational reform.

Mr. Porter was President of the Empire Club of Canada in the year 1934-1935, and many of us here today have warm memories of him. If I may be permitted a per sonal reference I knew him in his capacity as the Minister of Education for Ontario and as a fellow-elder in the same church.

I know that there are many members of this Club who counted him a personal friend and who will miss his learning, his wit, and his counsel.

Mr. Porter is survived by his wife and by his two sons, Dana Jr., and Julian. As a mark of our sympathy to them and in memory of a friend and Past President of the Empire Club of Canada I ask you to rise and observe a moment of silence for Dana Harris Porter.

Mr. Gore continued:

As Victor Hugo lay dying in Paris in 1885, he wrote these prophetic words--"I represent a party that does not yet exist: the party of revolution, of civilization. This party will make the twentieth century. There will issue from it first the United States of Europe, then the United States of the World." Twenty-five years ago, Wendell...