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On this project I'm going to take the part of a conservative. The issues are the smoking policy, the attendance policy, and community service for a graduation requirement. He following paragraphs will explain in greater detail what I feel about the 3 topics.

The smoking policy. I believe that the smoking policy should be thrown away and there should not be smoking allowed on school grounds. By allowing kids to smoke on school grounds it seems as though we a promoting smoking among youths. The other kids that might not smoke could be easily affected by the actions of their peers. Even if we leave it as is, we should crack down more on the children that smoke in school. That is not only a health risk to the other students and staff, but smoking in the building is a potential fire hazard. If a student is caught smoking on school grounds the punishment will be quick and severe.

The attendance policy. I think the attendance policy as it stands is a good policy. It allows the kids ample time to get from class to class and provides a good punishment for those who don't follow the bell system. It's very important to have a set time for class to begin and for class to end. The children's parents pay for them to go to school and they should be required to report to every class, and if they choose not to go there should be swift harsh punishment. As for the punishment part of the policy, that could use a little revising. I don't feel that its necessary to tell the children that they are half way or give them any warning, just tell them when they've lost credit. It's their choice to skip class so why should we...