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Racial tensions and problems are common for multiracial countries. They are unavoidable as wherever there is a mixture of cultures, there always is prejudice. As far as the history is concerned, blacks were the ones to whom the hatred was directed the most. Laissez-faire- the initial policy of the British government towards migration proved to work for country's disadvantage, which only became clear in the years that followed. Negroes, Indians, Asians or any other ethnic minority whose skin color is darker than that of WASP (White Anglo-Saxon Protestants) are referred to as black. For these people the term "equality of opportunity" is far from the truth and their struggle for "freedom" seems to be endless. They experience many humiliations on everyday basis and often are objects of bullying. They find it difficult to assimilate owing to many reasons and the society is not helping them at all. However, in accordance with some claims, there exist certain opportunities that these people may take an advantage of.

The children of black families are said to be the ones that can make the most of the two cultures- the native and the target one. Owing to their susceptibility, it is easier for them to assimilate than for their parents who have a strong feeling of identity and are often nostalgic about their origin. Mixed schools are places where black children learn about the target culture and socialize with their friends of different origins. It is an opportunity for them to enrich their cultural values and at the same time preserve their own. Due to the disrespectful attitude they meet with everyday, these children become much more motivated to do well at school than their peers. It is education that is inculcated into their mind since it is essential to lead a...