Consider reasons why companies seem increasingly committed to presenting themselves as being sensitive to ethical and environmental concerns.

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Within recent times there have been concerns with business ethics and environmental issues by a large number of companies. Businesses that would normally not care about these issues have suddenly appeared to have a conscience.

Ethics is concerned with the study of morality practices and activities that are considered to be importantly right and wrong together with the rules that govern these activities and the values to which those activities relate.

(Mullins, p.148)

Ethics is not static but it's a perception that may change from year to year and from location to location. An ethical issue is an identifiable problem or opportunity that requires a person or organisation to choose from several actions that may be evaluated as ethical or unethical. In business, such choice often involves weighing monetary profit against what a person considers appropriate conduct.

Some examples of ethical issues include employees being able to separate their personal financial interests from their business dealings and taking payments, gifts, or special favours which are considered to be bribes, and which are intended to influence the outcome of a decision.

Similar to ethical problems, environmental responsibility has become a leading issue in both businesses and the community at large. This has been acknowledged due to the enormous damage made against the environment in the past. Concerns have also been highlighted due to the constant harm inflicted onto the environment on a global scale. With issues such as pollution, deforestation and ozone depletion, that often stem from one country that affect another.

Ethical decisions in a company are influenced by individual moral standards, the influence of managers and co-workers and the opportunity to engage in misconduct. So it can be stated that.

When ethical outcomes are discussed, words such as moral, ethical, good, efficient, rational, effective, fair, best and improved all...