Consider the view that the development and management of tourism at destination can not be left entirely in the hands of the private sector.

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In the tourism field, the term public sector covers the whole range of public organizations from national government ministries and departments to government business enterprises and local government tourism departments (Elliot, 1997).

On the other hand private sector provides tourism products in the whole range of functions, such as accommodation, food and beverages, transportation and retail shopping (Elliot, 1997).

In line with the current global trend of economic decentralization and privatization, the travel and tourism industry now enjoys a relatively high degree of operation autonomy. Therefore, some people argue that the management and development of the whole tourism industry can be left entirely in the hands of the private sector, to exert its flexibility and energy without being tied to a public bureaucratic system with its hierarchy and management principles. Are they exactly right? The focus of this report is to fully discuss and evaluate the role of public sector in the development and management of tourism in current time, to reveal whether it is necessary to tourism industry or not.


One of the most distinguished characteristics of the tourism industry is that it is a very wide, sophisticated and multi-sectional industry.

Just as tourism is an extremely diverse and complex industry so also is the public sector, with its wide range of organizations of tremendous variety, linked together in complex structures and relationship.

There are a series of different reasons for which it is thought that the public sector should be involved in tourism planning and development.


Public sector involvement in tourism at an international level is necessary.

Governments might get involved in tourism because they want to improve international relations.

The government has interest and the ability in enhancing the overall image of the country through the development and overseas promotion of tourism (Mill...