Consise Refutation of Darwinism/Evolution (This is a well written essay)

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A Concise Refutation of the Theory of Evolution

The theory of evolution is a concept that was advanced by Charles Darwin in which the origin of life is claimed to have emerged initially from nonliving chemicals, and then developed into more complex life forms by slow, and gradual changes (Encyclopedia Britannica, "E"). This theory is widely accepted throughout the various scientific disciplines. In fact, the fields of paleontology, biology, and zoology have been almost entirely dominated by evolutionists. This lack of diversity in the field of science has given way to a one-sided account on the scientific actuality of the theory of evolution. This onslaught of evolutionist propagation has allowed for sloppy science and the irresponsible dissemination of disproved theories to the masses. A brief study on the theory of evolution demonstrates how absurd the theory of evolution really is. The very pillars that hold up the theory of evolution have all eroded due to recent scientific discoveries.

One of the greatest impasses that the theory of evolution has yet to answer is the origin of life. Darwin did not even address this issue, as it was commonly believed in his time that living matter could spring about from nonliving matter in what was called spontaneous generation. However, spontaneous generation was disproved and thus dealt an initial blow to the theory of evolution. Evolutionists now postulate that the first occurrence of life came about from a random occurrence of natural gases sometime over 530 million years ago in a complex chemical reaction producing living matter. This theory on the origin of life is purely wishful thinking when you take into account the complexity of the living cell. It is impossible that something so intricate could come about by a matter of chance. The famous evolutionist and mathematician Sir Fred Hoyle...