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Constitution Paper

John W. Olier


September 29, 2014

Roger Daene

Constitution Paper

Under the Articles of Confederation of November 15, 1777 (Articles), the United States was to establish the first official drafting of a form of constitution establishing itself as a nation and creating a governing body. These articles would later be ratified by all of the thirteen states March 1, 1781. Under these articles, the United States would be forming more of a loose and weak confederation of sovereign states, rather than a strong centralized federal government for the new nation that would one day go on to become the major world power that it is today. The need for a more regimented and controlled governing body would lead to the drafting of the current Constitution of the United States (Constitution) by the American government. Although both documents were essentially created by the same governing body, they would be very different in scope and the powers they would provide to each branch of the government.

According to Bernstein (2002), there were many very significant differences between the two documents drafted by America's four-fathers. Many of the free states of the American Revolutionary War would need to have some sort of controlling body in order to exist as a free nation of the world. Issues such as control over how power should be disbursed between the States and the National governments became common occurrences. Law making and overall control issues were a source of contention between the States. Each state would be seeking its own methods of controlling and implementing regulations for its citizens. The Articles did nothing to account for the rules of law of a country. No declaration was ever made as to who would make the...