The Constitution of the USA

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of The United States of



The Constitution consists of a preamble, 7 articles , and 27 amendments. The first part of the constitution is the Preamble. The Preamble explains the purpose for writing the Constitution and the main ideas to be carried out by the government and the people in order to make a more perfect union. Each purpose of the preamble had a special meaning to statesmen in seventeen eighty nine. The purpose was one, to form a more perfect union of people living together. Two, to establish justice for creditors by given them the right to take away the possessions of people who don't compensate them. Three, to ensure domestic tranquillity, or prevent events such as Shays Rebellion. Four, to provide common defense or to protect the nation from adversaries such Indians and the pirates. Five, to promote general welfare, which relates to the depression the country was in economically (by the way our nations economy is called Capitalism).

And lastly six , to secure the blessing of liberty by enforcing the idea of freedom in every way possible.

The Seven Articles

Article One describes The Legislative Department. Section one states that the congress is based on a two house, or a bicameral system. This type of congress has two legislatures - The House of Representatives and The Senate.

Sec.1 - The House of Representatives. The main idea is that all house members are elected for a two year term in their office. It also states the qualifications of a representative, or what you have to have or be to become a representative. A person must be twenty-five years of age and have lived in the united states for seven years, therefore making the person a citizen of our country. The person also must, if...