Constitutional Convention

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The constitutional convention was the beginning of one of America’s greatest documents. There were many drafts presented to the convention, but only one was ratified. The constitution has helped shape America because of the twenty-eight amendments that were brought to the table by the delegates.

In September 1786, a gathering was called in Annapolis, Maryland to deliberate on the state of commerce throughout the nation. The national government had no power to control trade amongst the states. The conference was called to deliberate ways to ease commerce and establish standard guidelines and regulations. The conference was called by Virginia, at the desire of one of its greatest intelligence of the time, James Madison. Only five of the 13 states sent any delegates at all (Mont, 2006).

Unable to come to the conclusion, the assembled organization, most of whom were nationalists, anxious for a more forceful national government, decided that another conference was needed to explore the insufficiencies of the United States under the articles of confederation, and suggest changes to the articles.

The report of the Annapolis conference was the first step toward the consutional convention that would eventually create the constitution (Mont, 2006).

In Philadelphia on a sweltering day in May 1787, several delegates from different states gathered to create one of the greatest documents of all times, the constitution. The delegates from all the original states except Rhode Island gathered. The delegates nominated George Washington as the presiding officer and from there these men spent four months behind closed door.

The first person to arrive who later became known as the father of the Constitution was James Madison, he came to the convention to represent the state of Virginia. Madison arrived two weeks prior to gather his thoughts and ideas for the convention. Madison came up with several...