Constitutional Ethics

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Constitutional Ethics Out of the three reading assignments, I would like to focus on one of the readings titled "Constitutional Ethics" by Paul E. Roush. This reading clearly defines the integration between the military and the civilian government. Not only that, it discusses the hierarchy of obligations that serves as a base for determining the order of priorities. It provides us with a common reference point where all members of the U.S. Armed Forces can refer when conflicts between these loyalties exist. I believe this priority of loyalties will allow individuals to solve conflicts when confronted with a controversial situation. By following the principles, he or she will know exactly what their course of action will be.

As I refer back to the integration of the military and the civilian government, I have to mention that this reading provides examples of how the military is another controlled business of the government.

The job of the military is to provide defense for the American citizens, but if the military becomes too strong, it can work against the citizens. This is why constraints are put on the military so the civilian controlled government can restrict the powers of the military. Also, it discusses how each of the three branches of government has the ability to put constraints of the military. The president can constrain the military as the Commander-in-Chief, the congress can constrain the military by limiting funds and making regulation, and the courts can allow civilians to have a case against the military. The largest constraint, however, is provided by the Constitution. The Constitution forces the military to follow the "Supreme Law of the Land."