Constitutional Rights

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Within many businesses, organizations, and companies, it is relative to say that there are rules and regulations that have to be adhered to. From notions given in terms of being on time, to strict standards to follow in dealing with sexual harassment; no business can survive without laws. However, even though laws and rules are intended to protect, there are exceptional times where many innovated thinkers that have the ability to relinquish such regulations, put their integrity at risk by reprimanding certain issues unnecessarily, and invading on the rights of the people. Numerous organizations in and around the world are posing incriminating dispositions upon individuals by placing cameras in certain areas of the workplace. In as well, many companies are not allowing their employees to voice their opinions or to speak freely. It is a matter of fact that if an organization wants a balanced and favorable relationship between employees and their superiors, people within the overhead should trust that the employee is truthful, ensure that his or her privacy is not trotted upon, and allow the employees' to act upon the implementation in the right of free speech.


Privacy and Polygraph test are covered under Section 204, Protection from Polygraph Testing. The Employee Polygraph Protection Act (EPPA) of 1988 applies the rights and protections to cover employees. (Congressional Accountability Office of Compliance) The protections provide that no employing office may require or request that any employee take a polygraph test. (Congressional Accountability Office of Compliance) There are exemptions from using polygraph tests and they are; workers are protected from taking a polygraph test to gain employment or to continue employment. Many states, have certain applicants such as those in law enforcement, people that have positions relating to national security, or those in drug manufacturing and distributing industry are...