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Constitutional Rights Team PaperAmerica's founding fathers deemed it necessary to say that all men are created equal. Later a group of amendments to the United States Constitution was drafted and approved by the United States Congress and then by three fourths of the state legislatures that listed some individual rights. These amendments became known as the Bill of Rights. The first ten amendments to the constitution include freedom of speech, the right to bear arms, the right to be consented of the quartering of soldiers, protection from unreasonable search and seizures, due process of law, the right to a speedy trial, Trial by jury, protection from cruel and unusual punishment. These are the first 8 amendments the other two deal with inherent power and state power to create laws.

At Riordan Manufacturing it is of utmost importance to see that our regulations and guidelines follow the rights of all of our employees.

The importances of the Bill of Rights as well as the rights inherent in the U.S. Constitution are of significant importance. At Riordan manufacturing our company strives for employee satisfaction. As part of our goal for workforce satisfaction there are certain company policies that have arisen that may have a few questions surrounding them.

Confidentiality RightsThe basic definition of Confidentiality is to keep client and business information private. This is one of the civil rights that many businesses are taking seriously. Riordan Manufacturing takes confidentiality of both employees as well as their business clients very seriously. In the employee handbook Riordan mentions that they "consider information about medical conditions or history to be highly confidential and keep it separate from other personnel information. Access to this information is limited only to persons who have a legitimate need to know." (University Of Phoenix Resource Database, 2007) Furthermore, all employees...