Constitutional Rights Paper

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Constitutional Rights Paper

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Constitutional Rights Paper

Each person has constitutional rights in the United States. Both employees and business owners alike have rights. There is a very fine line in business when it comes to rights and what lines an employee can cross and the lines that an employer can cross. When it comes to legality it is important that managers and supervisors alike understand how to operate a business within the legal guidelines. This paper will walk through the constitutional rights as it relates to the business of Smith System Consulting and their employees.

When it comes to privacy at Smith Systems Consulting (SSC) there is a very fine line with their employees. SSC deals with helping clients build websites, databases, computer systems, Internet protocol et cetera. Since SSC deals with sensitive information, privacy with their clients is at the forefront of what they believe in.

The company believes in privacy and protecting information also teaches their clients how to protect information as well. Considering that the employees handle sensitive information keeping their emails and day-to-day workflow activities a secret walks a fine line. Since SSC is in the business to help clients this is something that has to be monitored to ensure that SSC is protecting information.

Everyone would like to feel, and more important knowing that what they have to say matters. It is a First Amendment principle that has been emblazon in our thought process at an early age. SSC encourage children to begin speaking and ultimately let us know what they are feeling. Our speech is not only limited to oration but it also includes manners in which SSC speak without saying a word. Therefore, it is difficult...