Construct and Support an Argument: Your decision to pursue an MBA degree. Jungian Personality self-assessment on how others perceive you

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Construct and Support an Argument

Pamela E. Rhea

University of Phoenix


MGT 521

Bob Post

November 6, 2008



Construct and Support an Argument

A person's style of communication is very important in business and life. Being the most personal element in effective business communication is a very important building block for one to understand. To reach that level of awareness a person must first determine his or her personality type and view yourself as others see you. Knowing how others perceive you will help you to fine-tune your style into a more confident, clear, and understandable speaker, thus helping you to make a point to your audience. Understanding the type of communication you have is essential in everyday conversation because without the knowledge of how someone perceives you, you may not know what you are doing wrong.

Personality tests provide some information about a candidate; they are poor predictors of future performance as people are able to develop new skills, behaviors and to adapt to new circumstances. In this respect, personality assessments capture only a fragment of the whole, and will not be accurate over a period of time. For some highly skilled and technical professions, an applicant's training and experience may have a greater impact on job performance than personality, and so although an applicant may not appear to be suitable, he or she may be more so than a candidate with apparently 'appropriate' characteristics (Gilbert, 2008).

The write recently graduated from the University of Phoenix this past June with a degree in business management and decided to continue her education and pursue a MBA degree. The writer decision for returning back to is to pursue a new career in business...