"Construct an essay that attempts to persuade the reader that competitive aerobics should be included as a sport in the 2004 Olympics."

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The Olympic Slogan of "Faster, Higher, and Stronger," is really epitomized by Competitive Aerobics. "Faster" - Aerobics is high speed, high impact fast moving sport. "Higher" - Aerobic routines included high leg and arm movements, jumping and pushing the body to its limits. "Stronger" - Aerobics requires a high level of muscle strength, and cardio ability. It has been said that aerobics competitors have the highest overall fitness and strength levels than any other sport. Competitive Aerobics is growing more and more day by day, with more people getting involved with it for exercise, fitness or at a competitive level.

When the Olympic Games first started, they reflected the current day's culture and sport with events such as archery, javelin and running. Nowadays, sports have moved on to events such as Gymnastics and Competitive Aerobics. So if the Olympics is about sport of the current era, then Competitive aerobics should definitely be included.

Currently in the Olympics, there are many events with 3,014 competing athletes (290 women, 2,724 men), from events such as Team sports, horse riding, swimming and diving, and track and field events. Competitive Aerobics is currently not in the Olympics; however it has every right to be included in the 2004 Olympic Games considering what aerobics involves and its popularity level.

New sports are continually being added to the Upcoming Olympic Games, maybe now is the time that competitive aerobics should be included.

Competitive Aerobics is a performance sport derived from aerobic dance. Athletes demonstrate their abilities with a series of high intensity complex movements in time to music which closely has elements of gymnastics, and synchronized swimming, these events are currently in the Olympics.

Competitive Aerobic athletes must demonstrate various components of fitness, including flexibility, muscular strength and muscular endurance through a continuous pattern...