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Treatment of TimberTimber is a material that is at risk of being attacked from organisms, natural elements such as wind, water sunlight and fire. Some trees produce timbers that are not very durable while others produce timbers that are naturally very durable. It is recommended that for use in construction projects the use of timber that in very durable be used. However this would not be the best option as a vast bulk of the forest resources would be wasted. It is with these things in mind that the solution of preserving or treating of timber came about.

One needs to ensure that the timber that is being used in the specific construction process is of a high durability. To ensure durability of the timber a careful assessment of the environment should be done in which the timber would be placed. When doing this assessment one needs to take into consideration the possible risks at hand.

Essentially one needs to establish whether or not the timber will be kept dry to know what treatment would be more advantageous to the prescribed situation. Other things that should be taken into consideration is the economic cost of using the specified timber as opposed to some other construction materials, the likely health risk associated with using the specified timber, the consequences of failure and also the cost of remedial work or replacement. With these risk carefully analyzed it is possible to decide on the type of treatment needed to be done. Essentially the preservative that is applied should be permanent, penetrate the wood, be safe to apply and handle, be economical and not destroy the wood. No one preservative will protect the wood against all possible conditions, but they are several means of preserving the wood in various situations. These may be in...