Construction of Australian morality through animation

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"We are an observation of the atmosphere we live in" (Darwin 1859)

Since the inception of computer aided graphics and technological advancements, animation has taken a powerful role within society.

Dr James Stamoolis, professor in sociology at Trinity College argues that 'Our society is shaped by media images,'. With animation accounting for fifteen billion dollar of the entertainment industry it is arguably becoming the most powerful forms of media representation.

It is a Freudian belief that the morality of a person is shaped by society. Sociologists argue that a person's morals are shaped and formed according to the social, cultural, religious and psychological aspects of individual humans and their communities. With animation becoming one of the most popular forms of media, it is indeed is influencing societies morals.

Indeed technological advancements animation is becoming a platform from which human behaviour is influenced.

Modern day feature length animations such as Antz and the Lion King both have inbuilt moral message for a number of age groups as well as entertaining features to make them attractive.

'The Lion King' portrays how a young cub is lead to believe by his evil uncle that he killed his father, through the emotional struggle, Disney delivers a message that 'life's greatest adventure is finding your place in the circle of life'

Jeffrey Katzenberg, chairman of The Walt Disney Studios, claimed that the main moral message of 'The Lion King' was about "the responsibility we have as torchbearers from one generation to the next".

Steven Spielbergs producer of the DreamWorks, Antz quotes " the animation present an issue that every ant has his day."

Antz depicts how an ant overcomes his social troubles, to prevent a totalitarian leader from destroying the world. Antz paints a picture, that morally anyone can overcome their problems to achieve their...