Constructive Criticism on Kaiser William II

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World War I which was one of the bloodiest wars in history was created by the actions of many people. Kaiser William II's personality and actions, contributed to the outbreak of World War. The actions taken by Kaiser William II could have been altered and along with his attitude towards certain things. Those things combined could have helped in the prevention of World War I.

Friedrich Wilhelm Viktor Albert (Friedrich William) was born on January 27th, 1857 in Potsdam Germany. He was the oldest son of Frederick III and Victoria, daughter of Queen Victoria. When his mother gave birth to him he had a damaged left arm, the limb never grew to full size. Some historians believe that it was the cause of his behavior and affected some of the actions he had taken throughout his life.

Friedrich William had suffered a traumatic childhood and ended up growing into being a troubled, hyperactive, difficult, and later on as he grew he became a disturbed and a cruel man.

Many historians believe that his behavior was also the side effects from the use of chloroform , together with prolonged oxygen starvation at birth, which makes some historians, believe he had brain damage, although it was impossible to prove at the time. Many colleagues of Kaiser certainly worried about the emperor's mental state he had many rages and mood swings which made others around him feel very insecure and self conscious when around him. Friedrich William's best friend Philipp Eulenburg said that "Wilhelm's nerves were strained" which if his best friend is saying it would make one concerned.

Friedrich was a well educated man first he attended Kassel Gymnasium and then at the University of Bonn as a college student. For the most part he was very bright and excelled in...