Consultant, The Closet

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To: Director Mr. Johnson

From: XXX

Date: July 8, 2004

Subject: Consultant, The Closet


After an analysis of the film, The Closet, I am pleased to report the film is realistic. There are several areas of the films truthfully reflect the values with today society. I have recognized three themes where the film is realistic:

· Ethical Conflicts

· Character Portrayals

· Story Development

Ethical Conflicts

The film recognizes that even if sexual minorities have become politically and legally enfranchised in most Western nations, but overt homophobia, social intolerance, and physical violence against gays and lesbians continues to be a fact of daily life in these same countries. It is truly reflects our real world. For example: two co-workers of Francois Pignon (Daniel Autenil), threatened by the presence of a presumably gay man in their midst, follow Francois home one evening and beat him in the parking garage of his apartment building.

The film also shows that how to interpret the "gay"; while it is a function of who/what we claim to be, it is also produced by external interpretation. The film makes no claims to show what gayness "is," but rather how it functions socially and politically, how it is interpreted and understood by non-gay people, this really mirror the truth of the real world. It is not what they behave; rather it is what we think. For example, the stereotypical characters of gay like pink or red in color, there is no clue that Francois like that color, Felix Santini (Gerard Depardeiu), Francois's co-worker, buy him a pink sweater for his birthday.

Character Portrayals

The main character, Francois, is actually something of a bore. His wife and his son describe Francois as a "drag", François finds himself about to be jobless in addition to wife-less...