Consultant Recommendations World Cup Brazil 2014

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Consultant Recommendations

World Cup Brazil 2014

February 4, 2014


Sport tourism is a significant part of the tourism industry, which has a remarkable impact on many aspects to the hosting region of the event. The Olympic games and the world cup have a long history since the Roman Empire, however; those mega events have established new developments in which they have improved the tourism industry depending on their geography. This paper will analyze the World Cup event that will be held in Brazil this year and will illustrate it's Strength, weaknesses, Opportunities, and threats in order to conclude a beneficial recommendations that can make the country having a successful event. Overview:

Brazil is the largest country in South America; the population is approximately 200,000,000 people with a tropical climate. The country is culturally rich and well known of their passion to Football as thy won the World Cup 5 times in their history.


Brazil's economy is booming and the money that is been generated is being invested in infrastructure and projects for the future. Airports are being improved, roads are being built and public transportation expanded. New hotels are being constructed and more and more people are being employed and trained to handle the influx of tourists in the coming years. Moreover, beside the wealth in culture Brazil can offer to its tourist a magnificent natural beauty starting from the Amazon jungle, Amazon River, and many other tropical rainforests, which exposes a variety of animal species. Moreover, it also offers white sand beaches and bays that line the cost. As a result, tourists who will visit the region to watch the World Cup will have the opportunity to explore the other aspects of the country that will enhance their experience and promote the destination even after the sport...