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When it comes to the development of a consulting firm, many steps are involved in such. For instance, when it comes to the creation of a travel agency, called: ClarMonNicSue, many steps are involved in the creation of such an agency, and consulting firms of choice should also be considered in the decision making process, as certain people specialize in certain areas. Such consulting areas are human resources, accounting, financial, and other consulting firms that can be hiring or outsourced. When this organization was created, and when any organization is created, it is important to understand the types of consulting firms that will be involved and the roles of each team member. Furthermore, it is also important to understand the connection and the impact certain classes throughout the course of study had on the creation on such a firm as ClarMonNicSue.

In the attempt to create a consulting firm, we are addressing many services to be provided that not only some may specialize in, but we as a team are able to build on due to the fact that we share many skills.

This firm will be able to advise a variety of businesses that are in need of our services. Because our strengths are in accounting, we will be able to service accounting firms in different areas from reconciliations, organization, and financial statements, along with how to interest their teams through Power Point presentations that will motivate and drive companies to share their business goals in unique fashions.

Our consulting firm will also be able to assist those in Human Resource such as in benefits, payroll, and challenges that some company's may come across. A portion of the advice given in the Human Resource area will be based on reviews of the benefits and salaries provided once we are...