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Limitation and difficulties

Every project will have its own limitation and difficulties. There is also having some problems when we doing this project and needed to solve.

Firstly, our survey scale is too small. According to our project, it is about Sheung Shui to Hong Kong International Airport which will affect non-Hong Kong resident, non- Sheung Shui resident and Sheung Shui tourists (Mainland).Unfortunately, we just have limited time and resources that can only present a small part of resident and tourists' result. Therefore, we need to expand our survey scale more widely, for example we try to study about MTR and LWB's statistic of their service, and they may recommend a larger sampling size. That can ensure the project can be more precise and in detailed.

Secondly, limited secondary data is the limitation for this project. It is finding that there is no more research about the comparison of the taxi, Long Win bus (A43) and airport railway.

And we just can find those transportation's basic information, such as the cost, shift, and so on. That may be the limitation for the project's finding. Because if there are no more secondary data, it means that need to keep more concentrate on the primary data like the questionnaire and the interview. Therefore, our judgments are mainly according to the analysis of primary data and some related information that find in the library. Also, we decide to refer our interview with LWB and MTR, hope that they can provide more opinions and recommendations for result of the project.

Thirdly, the survey method has limitation. We are using the judgmental sampling method; it is because this method can make sure the response rate is high. Another reason is that

Lastly, poor time management is one of the problems for this project. Especially the...