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Marketing Management - I

Consumer Behavior Exercise

A mundane product costing less than Rs.100.

Product Category: Shampoo (New to the consumer)

Brand Chosen: Clinic All Clear (HUL) (New to the consumer)

Who was the decision making unit?

• Who bought the product or service?

The product was bought by the consumer itself for personal use.

• Identify all those who played a role in the decision process. What role did they play?

Purchasing the product was a personal decision as it was bought for personal use. However awareness of the product was gained through TV commercials. The commercials created a remembrance effect and helped in recognizing the product instantly. Reviews from friends who had used the products were also considered.

What motivated the purchase?

• What problems did the product/service solve? What functions would it facilitate?

The product was meant to solve dandruff and hair fall problems that had recently arisen.

• What attributes seemed important?

Price, quick solution to the problem and brand value were important attributes that were considered.

Characterize the decision.

• Was it a first-time decision? A review of a previous decision? A careful decision? A casual decision? Was the amount of deliberation appropriate to the decision?

The decision was a first-time, casual decision. There was not much time spent in deliberation, apart from talking to friends about it over a casual conversation, as there were only 2 products being considered and the amount spent was not very significant.

Characterize the decision-making process.

• What triggered the process?

Solution for the sudden problem of dandruff and hair fall and need for personal hygiene triggered the process and the need for this product.

• Was there an information search? How was the search conducted? How much information was collected? What sources were used? When in...