Consumer Behaviour Case Study: Libb Pharmaceuticals.

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Libb Pharmaceuticals is faced with the decline of market share in the toothpaste brand Alive. To find why consumers are choosing other brands, it is important for the marketers to recognise and understand the complex decision making process a consumer goes through. Many psychological factors effect the consumer's decision when purchasing a product. Libb Pharmaceuticals tries to better comprehend this by conducting attitude research using the Fishbien's Attitude Towards an Object Model. The outcomes from the research can help Libb Pharmaceuticals form ways to change the attitude of the consumers and thus their buying behaviours.


The input component of the consumer decision-making model represents the external influences that can provide the consumer with information about a particular product. This information can then influence the consumer's attitudes and behaviour towards the product. The most common input factors are the marketing-mix activities of organizations and the nonmarketing sociocultural influences.

The marketing-mix activities attempt to communicate the benefits and values of a product or service to potential consumers.

Alive toothpaste is positioned as an all-in-one mouth care product. Promotional claims for the product include endorsing attributes such as decay prevention, taste and flavour, freshens mouth and whitens teeth. Although there has been more emphasis on the issue of decay prevention, the basic promotional themes still centered on all the characteristics of the brand. The distribution channels Libb Pharmaceuticals have chosen are mainly through television commercials, national magazines, newspapers and promotions such as coupons.

Sociocultural influences can also exert a major influence on the consumer. Sociocultural inputs not only support the purchase of the product, but can also influence the consumer to avoid the product (Mazis, 1972; W. Mitchell, 1992). Libb Pharmaceuticals needs to be wary of the changes in subcultures and the attitudes of people towards toothpaste. As these factors change,