CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR -Store atmosphere to generate specific influences.

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Table of contents

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY---------------------------------------2

1. INTRODUCTION-------------------------------------------------3

2. BACKGROUND RESEARCH----------------------------------3

2.1 Store Atmosphere--------------------------------------------------3

2.2 Customer Experience----------------------------------------------6

3. ANALYSIS SECTION--------------------------------------------7

3.1 NirankarIndian Restaurant---------------------------------------8

3.2 Bhoj Indian Restaurant------------------------------------------10

4. CONCLUSION---------------------------------------------------14


Executive Summary

This is a research, based on the store atmosphere and customer experince of two different stores or food joints. It describes the factors which affect the sales and services and elements which influence the customer to buy a product. It also gives an overview of how the store atmosphere and customer experience enhance's and degrades, a store image and its customer loyalty. The other important factors that accumulate to the customer attraction, like the location, atmospherics, customer satisfaction, value for money, customer friendly staff, kids friendly atmosphere and the credit finance facilities.

It has compared two Indian restaurants in Melbourne which are "Nirankar" and "Bhoj". They both serve Indian delicacies but Nirankar is new as compared to Bhoj, which is old and has a very good customer loyalty because of its long term personal relations with the customers.

Bhoj has developed a major customer market through their own customers by the word of mouth power and their modest rates as compared to Nirankar. Both of them serve the same type of Indian dishes but Bhoj has developed some of their own specialities like "reshmee kebaab" and they serve some specialities of Indian desserts which are not served by bhoj like Gaajar Halwa.

Bhoj is doing better as compared to Nirankar, and some of the factors which are analysed to acces the reasons behind it. Bhoj is a renowned old restaurant and the rate of the product are modest as compared to Nirankar. But Nirankar can do better in coming years and from the exeperince they will get in competing with other...