Consumer Buying Behaviour: McDonald's

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This paper analyzes consumer behavior while purchasing items at McDonald's. Some

of the criteria covered in the paper includes: influences on the customer, customer

mannerism while ordering, what items they purchased and interactions with McDonald's


My Experience

When doing this project I went to the McDonald's closest to my house. I went

inside and ordered off the dollar menu, my order consisted of a 64oz. Sprite that is

currently on sale for 69 cents, and a crispy chicken sandwich. I knew going into the

restaurant that these were items that McDonald's carried. I had seen the advertisement

about the drink on T.V. and on signs the restaurants display exteriorly, and have always

purchased chicken sandwiches from this restaurant. Going into the restaurant I was

greeted by the cashier whom asked: "Welcome to McDonald's, how may I help you?" I

replied back by saying "hi" and proceeded with my order.

I ordered the crispy chicken

sandwich with no tomatoes and the 64oz. Sprite. It took me about 73 seconds to get my

food. While eating, I sat down and monitored other consumers purchasing food. Here is

what I saw.

Consumer's purchasing techniques and mannerism

I would say 75% of everyone who went inside was accompanied with someone. I

have a feeling that amount would be much lower if I was observing the drive-thru lane.

Almost 80% of everyone accompanied asked their companion what they were getting to

eat before actually purchasing anything. It seemed to me most girls that were

accompanied with a male whether it would have been boyfriend or husband, purchased a

salad. I believe that the girls were trying to show their companion that they were

eating healthy.

I estimated only 5% of the people I watched knew exactly what they wanted without

looking at the...